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            Steam Cleaner
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            DS-800S/A Steam Cleaner

            Power: 2600W

            Steam Drang: 8KG

            Steam Cleaning Time: without time limited

            Operation Model: manual control or foot control

            Outer Dimension: 50×40×33 CM

            National patent No.: 201420059818.6                                                        201410045969.0

            Designed the boiler separate from water box,

            supply sustained pressure,automatic add water



            Advantageous features:  

            1.More Elegant: senior technology, elegant design, stainless steel machine of grease-proof.

            2.More Safety: boiler volume and pressure ratio is far lower country safety standard.

            3.More Efficiency: supply sustainable and stable pressure 8kg, don't turn off the machine and 

               reduced pressure to add water while working.

            4.More Energy saving: designed new-type boiler, greatly  shorten  preheating  time, keep low 

               energy supply pressure.

            5.More Simple: add any hardness of water,can choose two operation modes: foot control and 

               hand-held mode.

            6.More professional: rigorous  production  team,top-notch  development  team,obtain  many 

               National Invention Patents.


            Schematic Diagram:


            1-Warning Sign                          2-Maching Enclosure                     3-Steam Nozzle

            4-Machine Foot                          5-Product Patent No.                     6-Product Logo  

            7-Pressure Gauge                       8-Radiating Hole                            9-Steam Pipe

            10-Manual Filler Neck                11-Indicator Light                           12-Main Switch

            13-Boiler Heating Switch            14-Machine Handle                        15-Steam Key Switch

            16-Steam Foot Switch                17-Side RadiatingHole                    18-Machine Model

            Operation Instructions:

            1. Turn on the machine main switch on the panel. 

            2. Press the button "Heating" to start heating after the water tank is full of water, and the heating 

               indicator light display red, shows it's heating.Press the button once again to stop heating.

            3. When the pressure reaches the internal set pressure,the heating indicator light will become green, 

               indicating that heating is completed. When internal pressure drop,the machine can automatic start 

               to heating.

            4. Press the button"Hand"once to switch into the hand control mode, and the hand control indicator 

               light will be ON . Press the button "Hand" again,  then steam can be sprayed for cleaning. If  steam 

               spraying needs to be stopped , press the button "Hand" again . (it applied to cleaning all the time.)

            5. Press the button "Foot" once to switch into the foot control mode, and the  foot  control  indicator

               light  will  be  ON . In  this  case, steam can be sprayed only by stepping on the pedal, and cleaning 

               can be stopped only by releasing the pedal.(it applied to discontinuous cleaning)

            6. When the Heating green lamp flashes,it is indicated that the heater is short of water,and dry burning 

               protection is needed.Stop the cleaner to check whether the water inlet pipe is smooth.Promptly clean 

               the water inlet pipe in case of any clogging.

            7. In case of water shortage in the water tank,the water shortage indicator light will flash,and the alarm 

               sound "beep-beep" will be uttered to remind the operator to fill water. When the water tank is full of 

               water, the fullness indicator light will be ON, and alarm will be uttered for 1s.

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